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Sgt. Anthony F. Perry has served our country in the Army and Air Force of the United States Military; he has served under two conflicts Panama and Desert Storms as a combat Medic. God has gifted Sgt. Perry with an anointing and divine wisdom for teaching in various areas of history, theology, ancient history, political science and physical sciences. His gift of insight and revelation knowledge are absolutely phenomenal. He's referred to as "The Historian". Sgt. AP  is full of wisdom, love and compassion... God has bestowed upon him a keen sense of discernment and the ability to rightly divide based off of the Word of God. 
Sgt. Anthony Perry is also a gifted poet, painter, sketch artist, designer and  former free style dancer and he has a love for the Arts. He's also a sports guru and movie collector. He currently specializes in air traffic avionics, electronics and radar with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He's now a Veteran of the United States Military, he retired in 2012, having served 20 years for our Country. Sgt. Anthony F. Perry was consecrated for ministry on June 22, 2008, he is such a great gift to the Body of Christ and Abundant Reign Ministry.
The love and support he has for his family and the ministry is Extraordinary! Sgt. Perry is the "Wind Beneath His Wife's Wing". He's her earthly head, covering, protector and shield.
Sgt. and his wife give God all the Glory, Honor and Praise for their divine connection and for all the Marvelous things He has done in their lives and the life of Abundant Reign Ministry!

 Dedric D. Perry

Dedric D. Perry, born Sept., 17th 1973 in Washington D.C. Although a native Washingtonian, she has southern roots of North  Carolina. Apostle Perry now resides in the Atlanta, Ga. area with her family, beloved husband Sgt. Anthony F. Perry, daughter Min. India Hyman, two beautiful grandchildren Jaylen Jeremiah & Kayleh Kamiyah and her mother Elder Hazel L. Hyman. Apostle Perry is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Reign Ministry Inc., Atl., Ga., CEO of DDP Ministries Inc., Gifted Speaker, Mentor, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur & currently studying Home Interior Design & Décor.

It was through Apostle Perry’s career as a licensed cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor upon which the foundation of her ministry was established; upon God’s revelation to her that “not only was she doing hair but it was ministry”.  Apostle Perry has been in ministry for well over 15 years; after receiving years of training by the late Prophet Pastor Harold Wilder of Jabbok Christ Centered Ministries, Wash., DC. & through effective ministering, various speaking engagements and proven to be worthy of the call, she was later ordained as a minister on Jan. 25th, 2004 by Apostle Antonio D. Briggs of Radical Apostolic Power Ministries, Wash., DC. Apostle Perry was also an affiliate Minister with The Bible Way Church of our Lord Jesus Christ Worldwide, Inc. under the Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle Cornelius Showell, serving at Friendship Church Outreach Ministries under the leadership of her spiritual mother & covering Bishop-Elect Dr. Bonnie Hunter of the International Bible Way Churches World Wide. (the first licensed Woman Pastor & first Woman Pastor to become a District Elder {Overseer/Bishop} & now appointed International President over the Pastors’ Council, of the International Bible Way Churches World Wide). Apostle Perry walks under a heavy Prophetic anointing & anointed to operate and flow in the areas of the Prophetic, Deliverance, Evangelism-Outreach, Prison Ministry and Intercessory Prayer Ministry, of which she has studied & trained throughout the years. A few years later she was ordained and installed as the Pastor of Abundant Reign Ministry on June 22, 2008 by Apostle Barbara Stewart of Tabernacle Mission Inc. In Aug. 2014 Pastor Perry was elevated & affirmed an Apostle by Chief Apostle Barabara Stewart. Apostle Perry presently serves under the covering of her spiritual mother Bishop-Elect Dr. Bonnie Hunter of Friendship Church Outreach Ministries, Capital Heights MD. 

The heart of Apostle Dedric D. Perry’s personal ministry "DDP Ministries" is to teach people how to successfully and victoriously "Live Life & Stop Allowing Life to Live Them" by providing practical tools for daily living and showing them how to move from a place of "Just Existing To Living Into Fulfilling" and to encourage them to "Live the Intended Life" that God has intended for them to live! She has a Prophetic Ministry that flows in Revelatory Knowledge, which primarily focuses on "THE TOTAL MAN" building people from the inside out by effectively and prophetically ministering from "The Inner Man -to-The Outer Man" with the INTENT of them reaching their full potential in every facet of their lives. Her ministry is designed to IMPART Principle Wisdom Nuggets "Simple but Strategic Strategies" for life and through RELEASING of God’s Word, Prophetic utterances and prayers over their lives. Apostle Perry had a weekly DDP Ministries conference line entitled “It’s HIGH NOON Time with DDP on The Line” were she poured into the people of God releasing strategies with a simplistic approach. These strategies are now being compiled into a book form entitled "DDP's Playbook" a book of Wisdom Nuggets"Simply but Strategic Strategies for Life"

Guest Appearances:
Atlanta’sLove 860 am. “Honor & Glory” Live Radio Broadcast
Daughters of Distinction Live TV Show Broadcast 
featuring the book project “And He Still Speaks” 
"Revelations by Fire- 40 Days to Perfection Fast" Live Internet TV Show Broadcast
Featured on the cover of “Kingdom Voices- Online Magazine” 
"Crunk For Christ" Live Radio Broadcast "Living Your Best Life" 
Live TV Taping The Impact Network "Lift Your Voice" Gospel Show 
aired on Comcast, Dish Network & Roku TV.
"Kingdom Faith & Power" Live Internet Radio Broadcast
WBND Live Internet Radio Broadcast  
"Atlanta Live" Live TV Taping on WATC-TV 57.
Live TV Taping The NOW Network "A Night of Wisdom" with 10 Pastors from Atl., Ga., 
aired on Comcast, Dish Network & Roku TV.
WWNN Radio AM 1470 "Spiritual Downloads" Miami Radio Station
Trinity Broadcast Network "TBN" Spotlight Pastor 
Blog Talk Radio "Truth Radio" Changing A Generation, NHISG Sports Media Network
"Breaking of Bread" Radio Talk Show
Starred in The Stage Play "Somebody Gotta Say Something"
"The Leadership Blend" Radio Show Love 860am & iHeart Radio

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Dedric D. Perry
CEO, DDP Ministries, Atl., Ga.
Apostle & Senior Leader of Abundant Reign Ministry Inc., Atl., Ga.
Gifted Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Author, Actress,  Entrepreneur, Radio Co-Host
Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor & Home Interior Decorator

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